Some of the software packages developed by Vibrance...


Sales Quotations Systems

Inventory Control

Order Entry


Time Management




The Vibrance Preprint Planning System

A production planning system used by direct mail operations, including the Boston Globe.


Telemarketing System

A system that aids a sales force in tracking customer contacts, follow-up and order entry.


Force Account Manager / EZ-MURK

A commercial program that processes labor, materials and equipment information for New York’s construction industry.



A program that automates the calculation and printing of employee payroll information.


Inventory System

A custom inventory control system handling sales orders, purchase orders and sub-assemblies of manufactured parts.


Time Keeper

A configurable time-keeping package applicable to businesses using time as a billing factor or where time tracking is critical.



A database system that tailors custom price lists based on customer discount levels and product cost. Automates faxing of price lists and provides for export to a Docutec system for high-speed reproduction.


The AIA Document G702 and G703

A spreadsheet application designed to automate and print the AIA (American Institute of Architects) G702 (payment) and G703 (continuation) forms.


The "Q" Quotation System

A quotation system for New England’s largest PC manufacturer. We have also developed a Technical Support database and a manufacturing tracking system for this company.


Quote System

A quotation system for a startup medical equipment manufacturer. This quote system handles multiple sales field offices.


Municipal Systems

Industrial Control of Water Plants


Vehicle Excise Tax

Real Estate Tax

Voter Registration

DPW Water Billing



Embedded Systems Programming

Embedded microprocessor applications

PLC / Ladder Logic



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