Recycling Computer Equipment

As technology advances, our obsolete technology piles up in basements, attics, and landfills. There are a number of organizations that accept old computer equipment for reuse in schools or in poorer nations, or reclaim elements such as gold, silver, and copper from printed circuit boards.

Please read my articles from Productivity Reports, discussing this issue:

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Links from the articles:

  • Enabling Support Foundation (Roxbury, MA)

  • South End Technology Center (Boston, MA)

  • World Computer Exchange (Hull, MA)

  • Conigliaro Industries (Framingham, MA)

  • Additional recycling information on the web:

  • United Recycling Industries
        Electronic Take-Back Program

  • Directory of Recycling and Re-use Programs

  • Share the Technology Computer Recycling Project

  • Dell Recycling

  • National Cristina Foundation









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