Force Account Manager Setup Files

Latest NYS and NYC DOT Requirements incorporated into v02.xx


  1. ST and OT factors have been eliminated and wages are now entered as dollar values.  Base-rate wages and Taxable Benefits are entered as separate figures.
  2. Trade descriptions have expanded to include Union # and Union Trade
  3. Man-hour Report lists total hours in project summarized by Trade
  4. Ability to run a labor rate as "Premium Portion of Overtime" or "Acceleration Work."
  5. NYS version now includes separate rates for Federal and NYS Unemployment
  6. Murk 12 and 13 now separate the Federal and NYS Unemployment columns
  7. Murk 12 has been expanded to show both Wages Over and Workman's Comp columns
  8. NYC no longer pays profit & overhead on FICA, FUTA, and SUTA.


  1. New materials fields in Daily Sheets
  2. Materials Summary Report


  1. Shift differential percentage (Rate Reduction Factor)
  2. Blue Book / Green Book selection
  3. Option to apply fixed hourly rental rates
  4. NYC Operating Cost: new calculation using Fuel Adjustment Factor, Horsepower, and Fuel Cost
  5. Additional informational fields for Rental Equipment
  6. Age Adjustment Factor replaces Rate Adjustment Factor
  7. The model year of the equipment is now in a separate field
  8. NYC Maximum number of equipment hours charged per day